Lunes, 16 Septiembre 2019 11:41

Algae and bacteria team up to increase hydrogen production

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A University of Cordoba research group combined algae and bacteria in order to produce biohydrogen, fuel of the future

The LIFE FOREST CO2 project studies how forestry bolsters the carbon sequestration capacity of reforested areas

The University of Cordoba is participating in a study that supports the idea that rabbit infestations spread using the Andalusian motorway network

Jueves, 05 Septiembre 2019 08:30

BIOMASSTEP | Enabling the General Public to Analyse Biomass

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The Biomasstep project is developing an innovative technology available to the general public that makes it possible to ascertain the quality of biomass on site

Jueves, 29 Agosto 2019 13:55

CILIFO | Mathematics to Fight Forest Fires

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The UCO is working within the framework of the CILIFO project on an algorithm that will predict the behaviour of forest fires

A research project is advocating for the importance of this livestock exploitation system to mitigate climate change
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